Mr. Magazine™ Releases May Magazine Launches – 70 New Titles

A Very Healthy Month Indeed…

May brought a profusion of glorious magazine launches to our summer garden just in time for the upcoming vacation reading most of us plan on doing. From titles who have been around for a bit, but just started to appear for the first time on newsstands, such as THC: The Hemp Connoisseur, with its first national issue, to Posi+tive – another online publication that’s discovering the power of print, May was a month with a flourishing frequency population of 25 new titles… Of course, as you can tell by the cover images,  some of the new titles were late discoveries or their first arrival to the newsstands such as Military Kids’ Life, GayLetter, Illumine, and Providence. However,  as my policy has been and will continue to be, no magazine will be featured on the Launch Monitor unless I have a physical copy of the new magazine.  Better late than never!

Combine that very healthy number of 25 with 45 brand new specials out there for our reading pleasure and the total for May was 70 new magazines on our nation’s newsstands! A magnificent May indeed…

Enjoy! And keep in mind, if it is not ink on paper, it is not a magazine.

Up first, our beautiful Frequency covers:

May's Magazine Launches

May's Magazine Launches

And now, our Specials covers…

May's Magazine Launches3

May's Magazine Launches4

May's Magazine Launches5