7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy


Frank Hamilton, Translator, TheWordPoint

It is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media network out there, even though new social media platforms spring up frequently, Facebook still tops them all.

Facebook has gone beyond chatting, liking pictures and commenting. New features such as Facebook advertising has seen rapid growth over the years, hence making business entrepreneurs and companies have an easier platform to reach and connect with their clients globally.

There are so many reasons why Facebook advertising is a must-have tool for everyone and everyone in business that wants to build their brand identity and reach a wider customer base. You can find the top seven reasons below:

#1. Your Target Audience is on Facebook all The Time 

80% of all Internet users use Facebook. It has billions of users and most of them check their Facebook page multiple times per day. So, one of the most important benefits of Facebook ads is that your customers use it daily by sharing, liking content and status updates.

#2. The Cheapest Form Of Ads Out There 

Facebook advertising is calculated by looking at how many impressions they are serving up and how many clicks you are generating. The more clicks you get, the less you pay for each action. Hence, it is the most affordable and cheapest platform used for adverts.

#3. Increase Revenues Generate Sales and Leads 

Facebook Ads have been amplifying the reach of content by introducing the use of video adverts. Hence Facebook algorithm actively prioritizes video content. Thereby allowing your products to get onto people’s feed. According to statistics, more than half of daily Facebook users watch videos on the platform every single day.

#4. Get Immediate Results For Success

It helps drive immediate results as Ads can be created by applying simple-to-use Metrics, Tools, and Insights provided by Facebook. Thus, enhancing your understanding of the effectiveness of how successful your business can be.

#5. Easily Grow Your Blog Traffic

As a Blogger or an aspiring one, Facebook Ads can help you build your brand. It is a platform that helps to grow your traffic. Surprised? No don’t be, let me explain further. It is a breeding ground for bloggers to share links and Market themselves. Why chase Traffic while you can attract traffic. This Ads does the work by connecting you with the right clients, building your network of subscribers and expanding your reach. Nice isn’t it!

#6. Zoom In On Your Target Audience

Do you know that targeting specific clients gives you a great chunk of power? Yes, it does! Facebook has great information about its Users, therefore running an Ad on it helps you to target just the right people who are likely to become your customers. And you will be amazed at how you got to this far. Targeting your audience with the use of Facebook Ads makes it possible to send focused Ads that are age, location, gender, marital status specific.

#7. Break Into New Markets With Ease

Breaking into new markets can be challenging even for the most experienced entrepreneur. However, with Facebook ads, breaking into new markets comes with ease due to its extensive reach. It gives you an edge over your competition by introducing your business to clients all over the world. Just imagine you have a new designer bag and people from the Sahara to the Amazon are already aware just by the click of a button. Amazing isn’t it? This is the power of Facebook Ads!!!

Final Thoughts

Facebook Ads have seen rapid growth over the years and provide both budding and experienced business entrepreneurs and companies an easy, affordable and fun platform to attract, recruit, connect and retain millions of clients globally. Be smart, be successful and sustain your brand awareness through Facebook Ads!!!!

Frank HamiltonAbout the Author: Frank Hamilton has been working as a translator at translation service TheWordPointHe is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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