5WPR CEO With PR Strategies for NFTs


The NFT phenomenon has now entered the mainstream. It is possible to note a few trends in NFT PR strategies.  While people have begun to take notice of NFTs, it is challenging to market them, as this type of digital asset is relatively new. These assets are bought and sold online, normally with cryptocurrency, and managed on a blockchain. To increase the visibility of NFTs and drive more bids on them, certain strategies have to be followed, as enumerated below. 

1) NFT SEO  Buyers interested in purchasing NFT projects often use search engines to look for marketplaces. To increase consumer demand, it is important to increase the visibility of an NFT website. Some steps should be taken for effective SEO. These include-

  1. a) The search engines should verify the website of the NFT as secure
  2. b) The content of the website should be original and of superior quality
  3. c) The website should have a blog section for the target audience.

 2) Email marketing – Email marketing can be used by PR professionals to educate their target audiences about NFTs.  When perfect subject lines as well as personalized content and images that resonate with target audiences are used, email marketing can be an effective strategy to engage customers. Emails can also create buzz around NFT drops. There are free email services like Mixmax, which can be used to set up email lists. 

3) Community for NFT projects – Building an online community creates a lot of support for NFT projects. An NFT community is a group of people who actively trade, collect, sell, and engage in conversations about NFTs. An NFT community sets the foundation for successful sales, and also generates  buzz that attracts buy-in. Since NFTs are  not only for people who are experts in crypto, but also for a general audience, it is important to build a community across social media platforms. There should be explanatory posts and project mentions that provide the NFT community’s opinions on the projects. For instance, SuperRare is a curated NFT community with onboarding policies and guidelines for artists and collectors. 

4) AMA sessions – Ask Me Anything sessions help audiences understand concepts, and helps audiences communicate with project leaders and executives. AMA sessions should ideally be held in Telegram chats and YouTube channels in order to attract new users. There could be rewards at the end of each session so that they are more engaging and attract more participants. 

5) Press releases – Quality press releases are important for NFTs. PR firms and agencies can share their press releases with reputable media outlets. PR professionals should also build a personalized list of media publications that will align with the goals of potential NFT consumers. 

6) Campaigns – Brands like Adidas, Budweiser,and hundreds of others have created campaigns for their NFT drops. For instance, BoohooMan introduced an NFT collection, ‘The Future Edit’. It features futuristic tops and pants in a mix of eight images and videos, which will be given out for free. Nike has patented shoes as NFTs, called CryptoKicks. Each CryptoKick includes a digital shoe and a unique digital shoe ID code. CryptoKicks were created to combat the counterfeit sneaker market, and to let customers create a customized pair that can also be manufactured in real life.

RONN TOROSSIAN - HOW MANY FOLLOWERS DO YOU NEED ON INSTAGRAM TO GET PAID?About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR firm.