5WPR CEO With 3 Simple Tips On How To Jumpstart A Marketing Strategy


5WPR CEO With 3 Simple Tips On How To Jumpstart A Marketing StrategyDigital marketing is a huge task. Several different types of marketing must be taken into consideration in order to begin putting together a plan of attack, and it can be intimidating to get started. While a lot that goes on in the marketing world can be considered complex, here are 3 very simple things that anyone can do in order to start getting a business some recognition.

Keep a Blog Going

The first tip is often the most overlooked. Keep a blog going, post often (daily, if possible), and make sure the posts are at least of moderate quality. It serves as a way to legitimately connect with consumers, clients, and potential customers. It keeps readers updated on the services offered, what new advancements have been made in the niche, or even serves as a communications page between the site and its patrons.

Regularly keeping track of things in a blog will also serve to humanize a website or company, which is important for many reasons. The main reason being that people generally enjoy doing business with a company that has a face, as opposed to a corporate entity that doesn’t appear to care about its users.

Live on Social Media

Social media is often overlooked when a business is just getting started. Using social media well leads to great returns and higher levels of user engagement, but the most important thing to remember, particularly early on, is that you should live on social media accounts. Interact with the audience, follow, re-follow, post often, and the accounts will naturally grow.

It is incredibly important to make sure to respond to and interact with as many posts as possible. Each time a person interacts with you, their contacts see it, and your audience grows. Therefore, the more you make your presence known, the more people you reach, and the faster your following grows.

Good Copy Is Crucial

Copy is essentially the writing, articles, posts, etc., that are on a website. In many cases, this goes overlooked and a business has a website that is not informative, or perhaps is unclear, or cluttered, or any number of things. A lot goes wrong here, and it can be daunting, so make sure to give your writers ample time and resources in order to get it right.

Another thing: Get to the point. People are busy, and they have short attention spans. If something needs to be explained, do it within a few sentences. Do the same with nearly everything – details can be expanded on when having a conversation with an interested customer. In addition, avoid using jargon—words or phrases that people who are not in the industry might not know.

This Stuff Isn’t Easy

Just because these tips are simple, do not assume they’re easy. Marketing takes time, and that is exactly what these things require. It is certainly a grind, and it wears people down without fail. Stay the course. It is not easy but stick with it. Results will happen with enough hard work and some patience. 

5WPR CEO With 3 Simple Tips On How To Jumpstart A Marketing Strategy - Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.