5WPR CEO Presents: Six Elements of Effective Interactive Marketing

Six Elements of Effective Interactive Marketing


Marketing is an art form of telling stories that entice and attract people to your brand. Marketers constantly use storytelling to appeal to their audience’s emotions to influence what they buy. Interactive marketing can include anything from contests, quizzes, polls, etc.. Search engine marketing is the most common form of interactive marketing. The company’s website is also a great opportunity for brands to engage with customers and learn more about the company and its values and products. 

Here are six elements required to create the best interactive content: 

1.    Be relevant

Relevancy is key if the goal is converting prospective customers into buyers. Interactive content should be particularly relevant to the target group, taking into account their wants and needs. The information you present, the questions you ask, prizes and promotions you promote, should have significance to your customer’s journey. 

Staying relevant means keeping abreast of industry news and being aware of what your audience is looking for. This means a marketing team needs to constantly re-evaluate and ask themselves if they’re building meaningful connections with customers. 

2.    Be exciting

The best part about interactive marketing is that you can make it fun and exciting. Good marketing involves creating content that will draw people in with interesting and exciting interactions. Be creative about how you interact with your audience – keeping them engaged will result in paying customers! 

3.    Visually appealing

Interactive content should not only be relevant and exciting, but it should also be a form of eye candy! Use designs and colours that fit in with your brand’s character. With competitors out there that are using professional designers and making content look slick and shart, it’s advisable not to skim when it comes to designing your website, logo, images or video marketing. 

4.    Ownership

When it comes to using social media to share content, there are many algorithms and usage rights, all of which seem to be constantly changing. Be aware of this and take advantage of using your own website by hosting interactive content on something that you fully own. Of course, using social media to amplify your message is unavoidable but try not to completely rely on it. 

5.    Going Viral

You might have amazing content, but if no one sees it, does it really matter? Promote your content on various channels and reward your audience for sharing your interactive content. This will expand the reach of your content, and as a result, your brand. 

6.    Use multiple channels

Take advantage of the different channels available for sharing and exposing interactive content. The work doesn’t end after posting and sharing content. Have a strategy to keep up or follow up with those channels so you’re investing time into getting a return on investment from your interactive content. Make sure you do your research about where your target customer is most likely to engage with your interactive content so you know what channels to focus on.

5WPR CEO Presents: Six Elements of Effective Interactive MarketingAbout the Author: 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian is one of America’s leading public relations entrepreneurs.