5WPR CEO On What Marketers Should Know About Younger Generations


Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

Vangar generations are the people that were born between the 1990s and the 2000s, and these are the first generation of people who are considered to be digitally native. These are the people who are constantly connected through various devices, and this is what makes them easily accessible to marketers.

However, this is precisely what makes them very digitally savvy, and it means that they have very clear expectations of social media platforms and their uses. This is why marketers should craft specific marketing strategies that can target what’s important to these generations and resonate with them regarding their personal values. 

When it comes to marketing to the younger generations, marketers usually only have a few seconds to convince the consumers that whatever it is that they are promoting is worth their time. Fortunately, when convinced, they are able to focus long enough to complete very detailed research on any topic that interests them. 


Most of the time, marketers think people only care about social media platforms, which means they tend to focus all of their marketing efforts on those platforms. However, according to recent studies, the younger generations are actually very active email users. According to research, these younger generations check their email several times per day, which shows that the younger generations continue to see email as an important and valid communication method. 

Social Media Platforms 

Additionally, these younger generations don’t have one preferred platform, and instead, they are far more likely to use multiple social media platforms across multiple devices. However, they aren’t consuming and posting the same type of content on each platform; for example, on Instagram, they tend to show their ideal selves, while on Snapchat, they share their real-life moments. They tend to get the news from Twitter and mostly use Facebook too to connect with older family members. 


The one thing that the younger generations crave is an authentic connection with the brands that they want to purchase products or services from. Most of the time, these consumers are looking for brands that tend to appear human. In fact, when the younger generations have a connection with the company, they aren’t just going to convert into consumers, but they actually become brand advocates. Most of these young people are very brand conscious and then stick to the brands they like for a long time. 

All of this information means that the young generations are looking for connections both through email and on social media platforms. This is why brands should create a kind of cult following with the potential consumers, as they are going to like everything about the company itself, along with all of the products and the people working there. This can be done through personalized content, allowing the public a glimpse into the daily life at the company, and using artificial intelligence to anticipate the needs of these buyers.

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading digital PR agency.

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