5WPR CEO On Learning from HP’s TikTok Marketing and PR Efforts


One of the biggest priorities for one of the most popular social media apps right now, TikTok is brand safety. That means the video creating and sharing platform is very mindful of how brands are able to work with the app to promote their own marketing and public relations efforts. 

In fact, the platform recently partnered with OpenSlate, a digital content rating provider, to help make sure advertisers on the app also receive third-party approval and validation. In large part due to that partnership, more brands and corporations than ever have started utilizing the app in their promotional efforts. That’s because aside from providing third-party approval, companies also receive valuable instructions on how to best create content that converts. 

One of the main rules from those instructions is that companies create TikToks and not their own advertisements. A great example of a corporation that has been quite successful in its Public Relations, digital PR and marketing efforts has been HP. This is a tech brand that was one of the earliest adopters of the platform, and because of that, the company has managed to find plenty of success in both younger and older generations alike. 

For the platform itself, creating brand safety tools for its advertisers was one of the top priorities in the last year. Aside from working on content moderation, when TikTok partnered with OpenSlate, it became a lot easier for both parties to mitigate any potential risks around different types and pieces of content. This also helps brands avoid any situations that could lead to reputational damage. 

As MTM’s Alexei Orlov has said, “OpenSlate’s goal in working with the popular app was to figure out what makes the platform unique and attractive to different demographics, as well as understanding which ad products work best on such a platform. Then, the digital content rating provider had to find a way for both of those things to intersect along with the needs of the market itself. Through this work, the company was able to connect platforms with advertisers and promote very high-quality content to users.” 

Although initial hesitancy is quite common for new technologies or platforms, HP became one of the first brands that decided to jump on board an incoming popularity train. The company did this by creating a small campaign targeted at the platform’s users, in order to confirm the users were part of the company’s target audience. With the added partnership between TikTok and OpenSlate, the brand also received the benefits of brand safety, which was vital for all of the brand’s future campaigns.

Other companies that are looking to utilize TikTok in their promotional efforts should first get a solid understanding of the brand safety landscape and then focus on sustainability. That means they’ll be able to create content that will get the platform’s users, and keep up with the changing trends on the app.

Finally, the app is also introducing many other useful tools and features for brands, which means fairly soon, the platform is going to become a lot more than the best place to reach young generations of consumers. This means it’s crucial for brands to start learning and adapting to it as soon as possible before it becomes too late and the platform becomes oversaturated.

RONN TOROSSIAN - HOW MANY FOLLOWERS DO YOU NEED ON INSTAGRAM TO GET PAID?About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency