5 Ways to Nurture a Culture of Gratitude in the Workplace


5 ways to nurture a culture of gratitude in the workplace


Leaders and internal communication professionals play an important role in creating an environment where employees feel valued for who they are—and not just what they do.

Andrea Greenhous, Founder & Creative Director, Vision2Voice Communications

Gratitude is a verb.

It’s an action, it’s a mindset, and it’s a way of being. Living with an attitude of gratitude means living in a state of thankfulness. Gratitude is the human way of recognizing the good things in life.

The incredible benefits of gratitude

Gratitude goes a long way toward affecting our overall biological functioning and has a profound effect on our brains and our nervous systems. Biologically, it has been linked to improved sleep, better immunity and lower risk for disease.

Gratitude also lowers stress and reduces toxic emotions that affect our bodies and our brains. Gratitude reduces anxiety and depression while increasing empathy and emotional resilience.

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Bringing gratitude to work

Nurturing an attitude of gratitude as part of your corporate culture not only brings individual benefits to employees; it’s also great for your organization. Research suggests that it can transform our work lives, leading to deeper connections, higher job satisfaction and stronger teams. Gratitude also helps organizations persevere and bounce back from adversity.

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