#Rio2016 – 5 Tips for Media Relations in Brazil

#Rio2016 - 5 Tips for Media Relations in Brazil

As the Olympic flame weaves its way through Brazil, more than 10,000 athletes from 28 sports are preparing to converge on Rio de Janeiro to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The upcoming  #Rio2016 Olympic Games, taking place August 5-21, are the first Summer Olympics to be held in South America. And with global attention turning to Brazil, many organizations are wondering how they can win PR and marketing gold in the host country.

However, will newsjacking the Olympics earn you media pickup in Brazil? The short answer: Only if it is done right. Communicators will be better served by understanding the Brazilian media landscape and investing in journalistic relationships to gain reputable coverage.

A Look at the Landscape

With more than 5,000 newspapers, almost 800 dailies, Brazil is 4th in the world for number of titles, according to the Brazilian Newspapers National Association.

Furthermore, print resonates better with Brazilian audiences.

Respondents from the report Brazilian Media Research 2015: Media consumption habits by the population state that print media is the most trusted source of news, and 50% of respondents are singularly focused while reading print publications. 71% responded they have little trust in news published directly or only on social networks.

Yet, while Brazil is still heavily focused on print and broadcast media as the primary form of news consumption, newsrooms are reducing staff and needing to do more with less, similar to their U.S. counterparts.


Digital versions of publications and more niche digital trade publications are growing in number and popularity. Meanwhile, a large number of Brazilian newspapers have adopted the “porous paywall” subscription model, allowing some content to be accessed for free to drive traffic and social sharing.

What does all of this mean if you are trying to gain traction in the Brazilian market?

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