5 Beauty Brands That Do a Great Job on Social Media

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

Beauty abounds on social media, but we found five brands that excel at both social media and beauty products:


NYX is owned by L’Oreal and is mainly sold in brick and mortar stores such as Target, but that doesn’t stop them from conquering the use of social media to market their products. When they introduced their NYX Beauty Bars, it was to a lot of social media fanfare, that worked so well, that long lines of enthusiasts waited to buy the newly released product. In stores or on a mobile device, shoppers can scan an item and get reviews, how-tos, and beauty gurus who show fun uses. They can also type in the hashtag on Instagram for the product for similar results.

5 Beauty Brands That Do a Great Job on Social MediaTata Harper

These beauty products are both original and organic formulas. But when it comes to the brand’s social media approach, it can easily be described in much the same way – original and organic. Her posts feature lots of how-to pics, sale offers, and more.

Huda Beauty (Huda Kattan)

Huda was born in Oklahoma and raised in Tennessee, but her globally sold products come out of her new home area in Dubai. First, she built a massive following of more than 15 million followers on Instagram. Other brands sought her as an influencer, but she built her brand starting with faux lashes. Three years ago they began selling them at Sephora in Dubai, but now you can get them at other Sephora locations and at Harrods along with more products for both the lips and eyes.


This is one of the top runners for beauty products on social media, especially on Instagram, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Here you not only get to learn about the various products, but fun ways to use them, tips and tricks, and a bit of fun in the process.

Tarte Cosmetics

True social media fans of Tarte Cosmetics have adopted a name for themselves – Tartelettes. In August, Tarte’s earned media hit 221% soaring to $44 million. They work with key influencers and collaborations and showing travel with a unique hashtag #trippinwithtarte. That effort also allows fans to buy the items being demonstrated as they are shown. One of the recent trips had the products in Bora Bora. Nice work if you can get it!

These beauty brands stand out.


About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR which works extensively in beauty PR. (And purposely didnt include any 5WPR clients on this.)