4 Ways To Avoid Work-At-Home Burnout


Work at Home Burnout


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Work-at-home burnout is a reality. Whether you are working from home full-time or on a hybrid model, now is the time to review your habits and see what you can change.  Preventing burnout can make a big difference in your life but also help make life easier for your teammates. Can you make some of these changes?

  1. Define your workday. We are all working long hours but make sure you have a time you start, a time for lunch and an ending for your day. While this may not be possible every day, set a time that you turn the computer off and relax.
  2. Use your break. Stopping work and taking a lunch break is important even if it’s short. But, if you can take a longer break, leave your desk and take a walk, run or just get away.
  3. Look at your workspace.  What can you change to be more relaxed? You may be working in a tiny space but can you change the lighting, colors, or add a plant.  Do something so that when you look at it, you can take a deep breath and destress for a minute.
  4. Take time off. Schedule your vacation or spa day or just stay home and enjoy!