4 Translation Tips For Better Employee Engagement In Internal Training


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Ken Rogers, SEO Specialist

The quest by employers to create a better work culture, reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and build better work and customer relationships are the reasons why they take employee engagement seriously. Employee engagement helps put effective strategies in place to impact company profits positively. For a company that embraces cultural diversity, more success will be achieved if the employee handbooks were translated into the languages of other employees whose first languages are not the same as the company’s official language. Here are some translation tips for better employee engagement.

Employ professional translation services

One of the important items of employee engagement in internal training is the staff handbook. It is a valuable communication resource from the employer to the employee that provides guidance and information related to the company’s mission, values, policies, and procedures. These handbooks could contain a lot of policies making it difficult for those employees whose first languages are not the same as the language in which the handbook was written in. Google translate can introduce errors and confusion if that is the option they have chosen to help them understand the handbook. A good tip for better employee engagement here is to employ a professional human translation service. This kind of option can clear any confusion like not interpreting ‘terminate’ as ‘kill’. If a translated version comes with terrible mistakes, then you may be sending the wrong message to some of your employees that you do not value or care about them.

Create and translate a cultural guide

Sometimes, some very interesting policies can get lost in a document that is laden with so many rules and regulations. These interesting policies are supposed to be fun and foster better employee engagement but may not even be visible to many of your employees. If your company is in a similar situation as an employer, you can create a company culture guide that will house these kinds of policies. In doing so, your employees understand that it is a cultural guide. Cultural guides are key to employee engagement because they help address different offices in different countries. You can have different versions of the cultural guide to fit different locations and written in the first languages of the corresponding locations.

Give your employees the choice of language

One big mistake some employers make is presuming to know the preferred language of their employees based on their physical location. So, they tend to communicate amiss some of the time because the employees struggle to understand what is being passed across. Companies should always provide employees the option of obtaining materials in the language they would prefer no matter their location. This approach will improve employee engagement in internal training because any piece of information to be passed across will be executed effectively. Translation of company documents in several languages lets employees know that their needs are important.

Localize your content with a global appeal in mind

This involves thinking out of the box and evolving new styles of content that will build employee engagement in training and will also be appropriate for staff in all the different markets globally. You can’t achieve this without professional translation services. This is because you will need a professional who will factor in all the diverse cultures in your organization and develop content in their native languages, making everyone feel inclusive and important. When this happens, there is more bonding amongst employees with the same cultural beliefs and background. Also, it fosters an avenue for employees to share their cultural experiences and engage themselves more.

Final word

The employees of any business organization have a huge influence on the success of that company. So many business owners pay attention to their employees these days because they know that the easiest way to lose one’s fierce competitors is by treating them unfairly. Sometimes, you lose your staff because you are not putting more effort to make them happy. Respecting the culture of your employees and making them feel at home even if their first language is different from the official language is amiable and will definitely build employee engagement. When you embrace these translation tips, all your content will be accessible to all cultures within the office.

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