3 Ways to Improve Your Media Relationships


3 Ways to Improve Your Media Relationships


When you have news to share, you distribute it as far and wide as you possibly can. You share on social, write a blog post, budget money for an ad and more. But none of these tactics can result in the benefits you receive from earned media coverage.

Earned media is highly valuable in reaching today’s distracted audiences; in fact, 81% of senior marketers said that earned media was more effective than paid.

But how can you target the right journalists and encourage them to share your story?

It starts with learning about journalists’ needs, habits and preferences. Once you know who is covering your industry and what they expect, you can provide them with the information they want and build a strong rapport.

Here are three ways you can better connect with journalists and increase the likelihood that they will cover your brand’s news.

Practice Moderation

You may think that sending as many pitches as you can would be the best route to go, but no journalist likes receiving a generic, mass pitch. One tailored pitch sent to the right journalist is worth way more than 1,000 pitches sent to the wrong ones.

Start by researching the journalists making an impact in your industry. Search by topic to see what they’re writing about and look at information about their audience to ensure they are engaged and match your target audience.

Once you’ve identified your target journalists, learn their pitching preferences. According to Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study, email is still the method most journalists prefer when being contacted by PR professionals.

But every journalist is different, and what may work best for one journalist could be wrong for another.

Pay Attention

Journalists are using social media for more and more, including sharing content, networking and finding sources. If you listen in on journalists’ social conversations, you may be able to find valuable opportunities for your brand.



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