3 Ways to Get Along with the People You Work With


3 Ways to Get Along with the People You Work With


There’s a good chance you spend more time with co-workers than almost any other person in your life. Thus, you must work as a team and cultivate strong relationships.

Company culture depends on the state of the relationships within that organization.

Strategies such as building a solid rapport with your co-workers, understanding their personalities, and remaining respectful of their preferences can help you form meaningful relationships. 

Acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion are the foundation of building better relationships. Your coworkers’ strengths and weaknesses can make for productive or unproductive teams. Team members that work harmoniously together reap greater success. And that can only work if everybody on the team knows their role and has a voice on the team. 

So how can you get along with your coworkers? These tips can help: 

  1. Cultivate and maintain respect for your colleagues. Respect is a mutual exchange that, once established, grows over time and is seldom lost.
    • Show respect to others, including your co-workers, by acknowledging their hard work, positive contributions, and unique contributions. They are more likely to respect you in return when you do this.
    • Respect can be challenging to cultivate, but it can pay great dividends.
    • When you’re sick, ask someone to cover your shift so you can go home to recuperate. Don’t stay behind and expose everyone to the risk of catching your illness.
    • Don’t take credit for work you did not do. That’s a surefire way to guarantee animosity between you and your colleagues.
    • Be willing to listen and change. If someone lets you know something annoys them, avoid that behavior.
  1. Keep things professional. Many find themselves mixing their personal lives with work. It’s natural. After all, humans are social creatures and like to talk about themselves.
    • Mixing business with personal life can cause rifts between coworkers, if not kept in check. It’s best to keep your personal life out of the workplace. A few details about your weekend and your hobbies is fine, but talking about your personal life all the time will make it difficult for coworkers to feel comfortable around you.
    • Stay away from topics such as politics, religion, and other controversial matters that tend to polarize opinions. The workplace should be a place to promote friendship, cooperation, and camaraderie..
  1. Build relationships from day one. If you do your best to make a good impression from day one, you’ll find your relationship improve over time. Take the time to get to know coworkers, they’ll get to know you, and you’ll be able to talk about hobbies that you have in common. The more time you invest in building the relationships the stronger and more effective your team will become.

When looking for ways to get along with people at your workplace, it’s also good to practice good office etiquette. Good manners build good relationships. Office etiquette includes greeting others when you pass them in the hallway or making eye contact when speaking to them, as well as not interrupting others or talking while someone else is talking. 

These simple gestures can go a long way in building a positive working relationship with your colleagues, strengthening the company culture, and creating a great place to work.