3 Tips for Personalizing Your Comms to Meet Employees Where They Are

3 tips for personalizing your comms to meet employees where they are - Ragan Communications



The right tools, guardrails and flexibility go a long way.

Sean Devlin

With all the changes to workplace situations stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that managers are equipped with the mindfulness and soft skills required to stay in touch with their employees. While apps like Zoom and Slack allow you to now virtually congregate with your teams and move business forward even when you aren’t physically together, behind each computer screen is a work arrangement that can vary greatly from employee to employee.

To that end, there are a few key things you can do to personalize your outreach while advancing your message.

Know what tools you’ve got — and use them correctly

Thankfully, technology allows us to stay in touch virtually in our new workplace reality. From an internal communications perspective, it’s key to know which tools to use and what occasions call for which platforms when communicating with employees.

It’s no secret that Zoom burnout is a reality many remote and hybrid workers face. Combatting this can mean doing things in line with the old adage “less is more”. Not every communication needs to be a Zoom meeting! Consider utilizing either email or a messaging platform for lower-stakes communications in which you need immediate employee feedback and save the Zoom calls for when you absolutely need them.

Set up — and respect — boundaries  

If you’re a remote or hybrid employee and you feel like you’ve been working longer hours, you’re on to something.

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