3 Challenges Specific To Promoting Your Brands + How To Combat Them



Donna Maurer

Promoting your brand involves undergoing complex marketing strategies and tactics. Generating new prospects through practical methods and retaining clients to ensure customers’ loyalty are challenging aspects to tackle. Here are some of the specific challenges of promoting your business and how you can combat them.


Chances are, no matter what your brand entails, there is another business out there that is already doing it, selling it, or making it. With many brands embracing the digital trends of today’s marketing, there has also never been more competition for attention. 

While quality content is key to attracting your audience’s attention, there are no guarantees that you will land and retain loyal customers. It is too difficult to keep up with quality content and postings every single time, so there are some other tactics that you can instill to help overcome this obstacle.

Analyzing your competition is one such method to helping you gain the upper hand. If you can locate and identify what the competition is doing well and enlist those methods, that will be one solution. Another solution is to find what your competition isn’t doing well and see how your brand can benefit from tackling the problem that isn’t being addressed. 

To do this well, you must also analyze their customer base. Ask yourself some questions: 

  • What are these customers asking for? 
  • What do they need more help with? 
  • What can my brand bring to the table that this one cannot? 

Work to find a new twist or angle that you can address. If you want to be more innovative and creative and build a brand that lasts, you must look at what everyone else is already doing.


Generating leads through marketing requires excellent, high-quality content, but once you can land those customers, what happens next? Many businesses have failed in acknowledging that the goal is not just about obtaining new customers but also retaining them.

There are some helpful tools for prospecting and landing new customers that your brand should be using, such as CRM or Marketing automation. You should also organize your business utilizing a URL management platform to gain better insight into your customers and their experience, to develop more effective technical solutions.

Customer feedback is a crucial step to overcoming this obstacle. Customer referrals and reviews make up about 88% of consumers minds’ when looking into a product or service for purchase. Create a feedback survey, or create a Customer Service Team geared towards addressing your long-term customers. Understand that your customers will respond well to resources made available to them, and change your approach over time, addressing their needs more efficiently.


Visibility and SEO tactics are essential within your brand’s digital marketing. There is a lot that needs to be covered in this area, and time becomes a challenge. Training new employees can take up a lot of time and effectively analyze and create strategies before launch. Promoting your brand requires consistency, too, so that your audience knows what to expect of you. 

How do you keep up with all of that? Most brands have enlisted help from a project management tool, like Toggl, to help organize your to-dos and stay on track for things like email newsletters, respond to customer queries, and launch new social media posts.

Some other helpful tips for managing your time:

  • Set limits to how long you will work on a specific project or task. You need to hit the pause button at some point and revisit it later on if you didn’t quite finish so that you can keep things moving throughout your workday.
  • Divvy up your projects into days or weeks and then categorize them by priority.
  • Add more members to your team. Sometimes you just need more hands doing the work so that things don’t become overwhelming.

Brand management involves overseeing the competition and tackling what you can better provide your customer. You need to create and develop compelling content through effective storytelling and organization to obtain and retain customers. Consistency also needs managing so that consumers come to know and recognize your brand. Managing your time spent on various projects will help ensure that you have tackled some of the biggest challenges to promoting your business.

About the Author: As an experienced content creator, Donna has covered numerous topics in the realms of health, beauty, lifestyle, and the arts. She has written for various publications and can often be found conducting research for her latest article. Donna spends her free time exploring New York City, where her days are filled with new life experiences and adventures to write about!