2022 – Top Online Tools for Content Marketers



Frank Hamilton, Blogger

Content marketing is acknowledged as the most effective way to develop and promote a new brand, reaching out to the target audience. Content marketing includes several directions like blog articles, social media, mailing, etc. but each of these types has only one purpose—to help their potential clients resolve their daily issues with the help of their company products or services. 

Surely, digital marketing activities cannot be completely executed manually by marketers. That is why content marketers explore and implement various automated tools and platforms in their tasks to make the content marketing strategy work. And further, in this article, we would like to share the best online tools that will come in handy for each content marketer.


The online presence of your business may not be enough to reach your target audience. We-Connect is a tool worth your attention, learning effort, and investment. This web application provides the option of cold mailing via LinkedIn to the users who potentially might become clients for the brand you work with as a marketer. 

You can simply export prospects from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search and add them to the reaching out company on We-connect with the prepared mailing content in advance. It will automatically send invitations to users with the promotion of your brand services or the required pieces of content.


This is another tool for automated mailing your target audience via personal or work emails. This application is really great for modern digital marketing.

 Foremost, its options allow marketers to find the prospect with verified emails using a scalable library of filters. Marketers can create a couple of email marketing campaigns simultaneously for different audiences to promote their content, products, services, etc.

Apollo ensures reaching out to your target clients, instead of guessed ones.  Besides, Apollo offers convenient pricing plans for one user, a team of users, and also a custom one where you adjust the functions to your ongoing marketing needs. 

Keyword Surfer

According to custom writing service Best Writers Online, high-quality content is the content that is displayed to a relevant audience in search engines, meaning it engages visitors who can become your potential clients as a result. 

To reach this task, your content has to be filled with thematically relevant keywords, as much as possible. Keyword Surfer automatically analyzes all available resources with similar topics and provides a list of all suitable keywords you need to include in your articles, social media posts, and other types of publications. It relates not only newly made content but also the old one that needs to be updated and filled with the right number of relevant keywords. 


From many reviews from the writing service Writing Judge, Grammarly remains the top required tool for content marketers. No matter what type of content you create and post, this app is inevitable to fix all types of mistakes you could have made during the writing and also improve your vocabulary and the sound of the content overall.

 Even using the free version, you can edit your text and reveal the majority of errors before publishing, thus they will not influence the quality of the content and marketing activities. 


Trello is a globally known task assigning solution for businesses of different types. It provides the option of creating a separate dashboard for each company project, in our case—marketing projects.

 All marketing activities can be divided into diverse boards, e.g., content creation, email marketing, SEO activities, link building, etc. The manager or team lead of each project adds the responsible workers, creates and assigns tasks, and also tracks the process of their execution.

 It has an intuitive design, so you won’t spend much time onboarding employees to use this app. All tasks are stored within each dashboard, ensuring the keeping and accessing of the essential information in one place. 

Summing up

We tried to cover the most popular content marketing tools from different spheres to show the benefits and use they can introduce into your content marketing strategy. So there is no need to spend much time thinking if your business requires implementing any of these tools. You definitely do, but what will be your choice depends on the current demands of your brand.

Frank HamiltonAbout the Author: Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.