2021: Recruiting and Hiring News



Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

What will 2021 hold for recruiting and hiring?  According to a new survey by XpertHR on HR challenges for the new year, the survey said:

  1.  Over six in 10 employers said recruiting and hiring will be either somewhat or very challenging.  Workforce planning and workplace health/safety/security were also high on the list.
  2. The survey found that 48% of employers expect to increase their workforce next year. Only 10% predict that will have eliminate positions and 30% anticipate no change in staff size.
  3. Regarding diversity and inclusion, 52% of employers said they would increase communications to their employers with employee surveys, unconscious bias training and analysis or recruiting and hiring practices.

This survey included responses from 563 US employers in various industries and sizes. The total estimated number of employees responding organizations is over 900,000.

2021 here we come!