2016 Top 10 Posts


Editor’s Note:  The CommPRO editorial team has selected the most popular articles shared by industry influencers.  We salute our contributors and look forward to continuing our collaboration in 2017.

2016posts1.   Body Language in the Presidential Debate – A Leadership Lesson –  https://sumo.ly/pHKH

2.   Ray Kotcher on the Role of the CEO in Communications – https://sumo.ly/jeqx

3.   Interview with Patrice Tanaka on Creating Great Work – https://sumo.ly/tCgj

4.   How a #Rolex Snob Learned to Love the #AppleWatch – https://sumo.ly/kC1N

5.   Ryan Lochte: Sink or Swim –  https://sumo.ly/nClv

6.   Media Exposure – What Election Polls Missed –  https://sumo.ly/rKm3

7.  Matt Lauer Under Fire – https://sumo.ly/oAIS

8.   Millennials As Protesters: You Have To Be Carefully Taught –  https://sumo.ly/lTPt

9.   Donald Trump’s PR Lessons – CEOs Take Note… –  https://sumo.ly/iGrN

10. Eight Things Your Competitors Are Doing Better on Social Media – https://sumo.ly/ox2E

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