‘Use of Video Will Continue to Grow’ – D S Simon Releases 2012 Web Influencers Survey Results (Download)

By Douglas Simon, President & CEO, D S Simon Productions

The results of the D S Simon Productions 2012 Web Influencers Survey are in and we are seeing broader acceptance than ever before of outside produced video on web sites of TV stations, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations as well as by bloggers and web media. All across the board reporters and producers are turning to the web and social media to mine for stories and sources. In an ever fragmented media landscape we are seeing the desire for content that is created for an opt-in culture. This creates an enormous opportunity for communicators to build their brands.

The D S Simon Web Influencers Survey found reporters and producers are turning to social media and the web to mine for sources and stories in numbers greater than ever.

Among the survey’s findings:

  •  84% of traditional media websites increasingly rely on social media for story content. 93% of newspaper websites use social media for story content.
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube lead as media resources
    • 89% use Facebook, 86% use Facebook and 58% use YouTube
  • Traditional media sites increasingly running stories pitched via social media
    • 75% of newspaper reporters and 72% of television producers have run stories pitched to them via social media

The common denominator in all of these developments has been the increased role that web video has made in shaping the way organizations and websites cover the news.

The survey also found:

  • 33% growth in the use of video by media websites since 2009
  • 80% use outside produced video on their websites creating enormous opportunity for communicators including placement of uncredited video on media websites

Content created for an opt-in culture will be one of the driving factors in the years to come as a way for organizations and corporations to maintain and build relationships with key publics.

The D S Simon Survey found social media is also effective as a channel to increase the PRketing® value of an organization’s communications efforts because media is increasingly looking to it for story ideas.

For 2012, we’ve expanded our survey to not only examine how online media is using branded content but to also explore the role of leading social media sites in generating coverage on these media outlets. We found online content and the world of social media has become so ingrained in the way that we get our news that even the gatekeepers of traditional media in the fields of television and newspapers are turning to sites like Facebook and Twitter for leads and story ideas in overwhelming numbers.

We’ve designed this report to provide critical information for CMOs, CCOs, Agency heads and their staffs to make more informed decisions about content creation and its role in their communications plans.

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 Douglas Simon is president & CEO of D S Simon Productions Inc., an integrated video marketing and broadcast PRketing™ firm headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1986, the firm now has offices in Houston, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Mr. Simon also authors an award winning video blog at http://www.vlogviews.com. He was a three-time Past-President of the Publicity Club of New York and former Vice President of the New York Chapter of PRSA as well as former Director Delegate to the National Conference. Twitter: @DSSimon