Is Digital Marketing ‘Almost Dead’?

alex-whiteBy Alex White, GM Data & Trading, DG-MediaMind

Tools and technologies exist that can help marketers deliver messages that match any number of criteria, whether that’s page context, audience profiles, or even current events, all in real-time online yet, digital marketing is constantly under fire. There is the perception that today’s ad tech is leading marketers down the wrong path, into a world full of hidden fees and little value.

Perhaps the biggest reason why marketers aren’t aware of the current online real-time capabilities is the measurement issue. Some argue that ads that are contextually relevant to the content of the page – say, airline ads within a travel article – are not very likely to drive clicks. This is hardly a revelation, as anyone versed in online media knows click rates are anemic, and clicks themselves are an archaic measurement of success. Still, contextually relevant ads keep a product top of mind, especially for consumers who are in the funnel.

Ad tech today isn’t a dead end – it has already given marketers a clear path to real-time marketing and adaptive messaging through dynamic creative optimization (DCO). The problem is that brands need to fully understand how it works, build appropriate staffs, and demonstrate a willingness to experiment.

Social is a great tool, and there’s no reason why display can’t emulate social for real-time contextual messaging at this point. Programmatic buying allows marketers to bring in social data gathered from their followers, as well as their first-party customer data and third party insights. Page context fits in as well, so advertisers can deliver a message that matches the consumer and the environment they are in, and can even be tailored to what the real consumer base is talking about on Twitter that very same day.

Rather than push one contextually relevant brand message to thousands, brands can push detailed messages to hundreds of different profiles and scenarios, not looking for clicks, but building brand messages that consumers remember. That’s the goal of advertising, and if advertisers actually realize they can leverage a full suite of online tools and build the appropriate staffs, they’ll see what ad tech is really capable of delivering.



About the Author: Alex White brings over 15 years’ experience in the digital advertising space in his role as GM of Data and Trading at DG – MediaMind. Alex joined DG after the acquisition of Peer39 where he was VP of Product and Account Management. Previously Alex led technology partnerships in the Advertising Products Group of Yahoo! and was responsible for advocating and building the ecosystem surrounding Yahoo!’s Ad Technology Products. Prior to that he led data strategy on The Right Media Exchange. In that role he drove the vision and product development of their Audience Sharing product, an innovation that has several patents pending. In addition, Alex has held senior roles in Sales, Business Development, Account Management, Product Development, Product Marketing, Creative Services and Operations spanning his Internet advertising career that began in 1998 at DoubleClick. Alex’s ability to identify trends and innovate as a result of his deep understanding of ad technologies, along with the capabilities of the market’s various participants, gives Alex his strength in driving our product and managing the success of our relationships.