My Hope For Brands And Their Online Crisis Management in 2013

By Melissa Agnes, Social Media Crisis Manager, Speaker and Consultant (This article was originally published on )  

Melissa Agnes

Typical questions that brands have faced in the past regarding social media, have included:

  • Should our company be on social media?
  • How can we utilize social media for leads and sales opportunities?
  • Is it possible to track KPI’s and ROI on social media?

Today these questions seem prehistoric, don’t they!

As we begin  2013, these “typical” questions have transformed in several ways. Let’s take a look:

Today, almost every brand is online in some way, interacting and engaging with their market. “Should we be on social media” is no longer a question but an obvious reality.

Towards the end of 2012 we saw a big shift in questions that brands ask themselves in regards to social media. Now that we’ve begun to master and really understand our online and social presence, brands have also begun to really grasp the risk that is involved with social and the web. So from “should we be marketing ourselves on social media?” the questions have transformed into the more cautious:

  • What risks do social media and the web present to our brand?
  • Do our employees understand what we expect of them in an online or social media crisis?
  • What social media monitoring platforms best meet our brand’s particular online monitoring needs?
  • Should we be preparing and protecting our brand with a social media crisis management plan?

In 2013, as brands become more and more engaged online – and the risk becomes even more evident – these questions will only continue to be posed by companies and organizations around the globe – and rightfully so. Although social media and the Internet present a great number of online threats and risks to a brand’s online reputation and, ultimately, their bottom-line, when caught early-on and responded to properly, these risks can very often be transformed into unique opportunities for positive PR and marketing campaigns. 

As 2013 kicks-off, and plans for the new year of business begin to form, it is my hope that brands around the globe put “developing a social media crisis management plan” on their business list of things to do early-on in the new year.

How about you? Is preparing and protecting your brand against online threats part of your 2013 business goals and objectives?


 About the Author: Melissa Agnes is a social media crisis specialist and online reputation manager. She works with global organizations, Universities, government agencies and non-profits, helping them better protect their brands and reputations from online attacks. Melissa writes a daily social media crisis management blog over at and is the creator of The Social Media Crisis Academy. You can connect with Melissa on Twitter and Linkedin.