Reppler Yourself: Is Your Online Profile Costing You @$%&ing Job Interviews?

You can be sure that every recruiter and human resource person will check you out online at some point during the interviewing process. But don’t just believe me … check out this U.S. News & World Report story. And as reported by Forbes recently, a survey commissioned by social media monitoring services Reppler showed:

  • A full 91% of companies are using social networks in the screening process.
  • It also showed at 68% of the time, having a social presence contributed to a person being hired.
  • On the negative side, an astounding 69% rejected job prospects because of what they saw social networks.
  • Interestingly, 76% of HR managers used Facebook to screen candidates, as opposed to LinkedIn (only 48% used that service).

Reppler is an online service that helps you manage your online image across different social networks. Described by Fast Company as a “morning after pill for your Facebook profile,” it helps users manage their online image by showing users how they are perceived, by showing the makeup of their social network connections and by identifying any potential issues and risks.

After a scan of your networks, Reppler will let you know how many people are in all your networks and how they overlap; it will show your recent posted images; what’s listed in your personal profiles; common words that show up in your sites and a lot of other cool stuff.

Reppler will also give you an image score and give you suggestions on how to raise that score.

Equally important: It’ s free and easy. So now there’s no excuse for allowing a hiring manager to find something on your profile they don’t like. Give Reppler a shot here and fix problems before they fix you!