New Jargon: 9 New Words To Add To Your Business Vocabulary

According to, the following words and phrases will likely be in your business vernacular for 2013.  Start learning them now so you are ahead of everyone!  

AMBIENT: Lines between the digital and physical realms become even more blurred with connected homes, cars and offices.  Consumers will want more devices that help change and enhance their lifestyles. 

CRAMMING: Mobile opportunities/apps will continue to grow with consumer and service launches. Expect the inevitable counter trend: uncrammed.

DATASHAPED: Services and products that bring instant, relevant information to consumers.

DE-CENTERED: Information sharing will help re-connect with consumers who have lost interest in most brands.

MAKE: Something made for an individual or in a particular local market. 

REMAPPED:  Multi-directional consumerism and feeding that demand will be the essence of the remapped world.  In the marketing world, this is a hot buzz word.

REVALUED: Consumers wll be finding new ways to unlock the unused value in their possessions.   They will be looking for ways to collaborate.

(SELF) ACTUALIZED:  Quantified  measurement for you.  Greater emphasis on products and services that facilitate self-improvement.

URBAN FUTURE: Every day 200,000 people worldwide move to cities creating a more defined urban lifestyles. 

As these new words appear in our reading materials and vocabularies, be careful not to include too many in your resumes.   You should be able to speak about new trends, they don’t need to be listed on your resume or in your cover letter.