21st Century Leadership Manifesto

By Elise Mitchell, APR, Fellow PRSA, President & CEO, Mitchell Communications Group

Elise Mitchell

As a new generation of leaders comes into its own, the challenges have never been greater.  The world is a very different place, and as the baton is passed, we must define new destinations and a new way of running the race.  I believe our generation will set a new standard for leadership and will motivate others not only to aspire to it, but achieve it.  A 21st century leader has these essential skills:

  • We see it. – We’re clear about the vision and we make sure others are too.  We’re focused on what we do well and where we can continue to get better.
  • We break the mold.  – We’re not interested in doing things others have already done.  We’re innovators, we want to try new things, blaze new trails, find better ways.
  • We stand for something.  – We know what we believe and we’re not afraid to make tough decisions that keep us aligned with our values.  We’re courageous.
  • We believe in others.  – We know excellence attracts excellence  – that exponential results are possible when exceptional people work together.  We constantly seek to create teams and forge alliances that achieve goals.
  • We’re not afraid to risk.  – We seize opportunities when they are the right ones.  We’ve learned to balance calculated risk-taking and discipline in our decision-making.  We’re comfortable with uncertainty.
  • We’re nimble.  – We’re constantly evaluating and monitoring what’s going on, anticipating change and establishing a sense of urgency when needed to lead others through change.
  • We bring it.  – We’re passionate, driven and tenacious.  We don’t take anything for granted.
  • We celebrate it.  – We shine the light on the bright spots around us.
  • We experience it.  – We know some things in life are meant to be experienced, not accomplished.  We enjoy the journey along the way.
  • We share it.  – When we have opportunity to do good to others, we do it.

Leadership in action…