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Poster600x480 (1)In our effort to develop Outcome-based PR Tactics, tactics that are indicated by the outcomes of your immediately prior efforts, our media measurement team has designed a very short survey. In our first survey we sourced detailed PR tactics that PR professionals might use, given a specific PR scenario. The 28 questions in that survey have been distilled into 8 general PR scenarios, with each scenario having four to five possible tactics to choose from. We now want to survey a wider array of PR professionals to determine which single tactic is most favored given a specific type of PR scenario.

This next survey will provide only multiple choices of tactics for each of the theoretical scenarios. Again, PR professionals will be asked to select a single tactic they feel would be most appropriate for specific scenarios. From the results of this second survey we will distill the key tactics that would be indicated for specific scenarios. Ultimately, we believe we can correlate media results, and measured outcomes, to next-step tactics that will improve your results.

We understand many factors contribute to a PR plan, but as a “next-step” indicator, we believe using big data to help you when deciding on next steps could be extremely valuable to you and your clients.


Opportunity to work with a dynamic, start-up team that is on the cutting edge of raising awareness of emerging growth and innovation companies. Execute and support the marketing and public relations initiatives for this FinTech Content Start-up.